We value the feedback we receive from our participating schoolteachers, chaperones, Detroit students, and university volunteers.  Take a look at what some participants have said about our field trip event…

The Schools

“The students enjoyed the workshops. Even the most timid of students were willing to participate to some extent. They enjoyed the music, artistic expressions and the respect the UM students exhibited to them. Excellent presentations, very organized, supreme interactions involving MPOW and our students.”

– Bennett Elementary School

“The MPOW event was awesome. Our students truly enjoyed every moment of the event. You have a staff that provides the energy, excitement, and secure learning environment for MPOW to enhance the lives of students through the arts.” 

– Chrysler Elementary School

The Students

“At the MPOW event, I learned that it doesn’t matter what you don’t know [about performing]. You just have to be yourself.”

– Bennett Elementary School student

The Volunteers

“As a group leader, I participated as much as the students I led. I felt that this participation allowed me to engage in the workshops (which were so much fun) while encouraging my group to engage as well. I felt that this was as much a growing experience for me as it was for the DPS students.”

– University of Michigan Group Leader

“MPOW reminds me why I do what I love. I’ve seen kids with no prior artistic or musical exposure completely come out of their shells. Though it is only a few hours long, the evolution the kids undergo from the moment they walk in compared to when the walk out is beautiful and astounding. In my opinion, no one person can lead a truly peaceful and happy life without an artistic outlet of some form.”

– Glenn Healy, Beat-Boxing Workshop Leader

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