Acting Out!

Formed through a partnership between MPOW and Basement Arts in the fall of 2012, Acting Out! is an outreach theatre troupe that presents a Shakespeare-inspired puppet show in  Detroit Public Schools and beyond. The goal of Acting Out! is to bring art and performance directly to elementary students at their schools, challenging  students to channel their own creativity and learn about Shakespeare!

Following a 25-minute performance that combines Shakespeare’s history and text with frivolous and spirited puppet characters, Acting Out! leads the students through a hands-on workshop in which they create characters and scenes of their own. In doing so, these students are given an outlet to release their inhibitions and create!  The result is genuine artistic expression, an expansion of creative imagination, and a greater understanding of history’s greatest playwright.

Acting Out! performances are cost-free for participating students and schools. 

Check out what some Detroit Public Schools are saying about our show:

“[The students] really enjoyed the performance and some of them may choose this avenue of expression in the future.”
– Roberto Clemente Elementary

“Participating in the theatre encouraged my students and piqued their interest in creative expression.”
– Brewer Academy

“Bravo! Bravo! Encore! It was perfect. You had them from the opening line. And remember, many of these kids are limited-English speakers, yet you had them captivated”
– Maybury Elementary

Contact Us! 

If you would like to audition for Acting Out!, email Danielle Cohn and Luke Steinhauer, Artistic Directors ( (

If you would like Acting Out! to perform at your school, email Allyssa Powell, Troupe Manager (