Our Mission

The Michigan Performance Outreach Workshop (MPOW) is a student organization at the University of Michigan dedicated to sharing the positive powers of the performing arts to empower youth in Detroit. Through arts-based collaboration, MPOW provides a mutually beneficial environment: University students can exercise creative leadership skills in an educational outreach setting; while Detroit Public School students explore possibilities in higher education by building relationships to the University and its students at large. MPOW hopes to foster creative expression, build self-esteem, and strengthen the community.

What We Do

Free Field Trips

Each semester, MPOW presents a free field trip event for 5th and 6th grade Detroit Public School students on the University of Michigan campus. After witnessing a showcase of arts-based performances by UofM students, the 5th and 6th graders collaborate with university students in original creative expression through a diverse array of performance-based workshops.

Educational Outreach

In addition to our bi-annual event, MPOW is home to Acting Out!, a puppet troupe that performs an educational show about Shakespeare in Detroit Public Schools.

Weekly Workshops

MPOW is dedicated to bringing free arts programming to Detroit Public Schools.  This past year, MPOW collaborated with faculty at the Detroit School of the Arts to start its first weekly theatre workshop. Each week, University of Michigan students travel to Midtown Detroit to explore the boundless possibilities of creative expression with DSA students.